T.M.A. Too many Asians. It’s a concern discussed in hushed tones or coded language. Not in the fields of government, pro sports or Hollywood movies, but rather in the case of high school and college admissions — most frequently, at America’s most elite educational institutions.

At Harvard, the 2011-’12 incoming class was 18...


The 50th Anniversary "Jobs, Justice, and Freedom" March on Washington this August 24th 2013...



Just got this emergency email from our friends at APALC. Please make it if you can. Please rsvp to Connie Choi (cchoi@...

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Undeclared Culture War on Nature?

Image of Total Lunar Eclipse from Grant's Grove by Ryan Watamura at www.space.com <http://www.space.com/25488-total-lunar-eclipse-photos-april-2014.html>


During the lunar eclipse on April 15th, as the shadow of Earth passed across the Moon, a strange quiet coincided with silent motion. While darkness crept over the Earth, silence reigned among its nonhumans. We had a front seat view of the luminary passage--didn't even need technology to enhance our experience.

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary

Photo by Tiffany Ang/Al Jazeera from "A Widow's Penance," 101 East 

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary