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AAPI's Need to Step Up on Immigration

According to a report in the World Journal, a recent study from the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston found that many Asian Americans pay close attention to immigration issues but few of them are willing to stand up and do advocacy work.

In a survey of 412 Asian Americans, conducted by Paul Watanabe, director of the Institute and associate professor of political science at the university, and his colleagues, about 80 percent of AAPI's were reported being “very concerned” or “concerned” about immigration. More interestingly, the study shows that 58 percent of AAPI's are sympathetic to undocumented immigrants and 52 percent of them are supportive of the idea of legalizing undocumented immigrants.

However, only about 33 percent of the AAPI's surveyed said they would become involved in collecting signatures on petitions for immigration issues, and only nine percent said they were willing to do anything further, such as participating in public protests.

At the same time, the study goes on to report that 60% of AAPI's are also supportive of Latino activism for immigrant rights and that 19% know another undocumented Asian immigrant. 70% would sign a petition 30% would participate in a rally or march, and 38% would contact government officials. 

These findings show that AAPI's have the potential to influence the immigration debate.  Let's work to make that happen. If we want a seat at the table, we have to work for it.  We have to call our elected officials; we have to sign petitions; we have to attend protest marches and we ahve to vote. We can't just sit around and wait for someone to take the lead or we are going to be left behind.

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