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ACTION ALERT: Call Senator Mitch McConnell’s Office Today to Support Judge Edward Chen’s Nomination

Judge Edward M. Chen’s nomination to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California is currently being considered by Senate Leaders.  You can support Judge Chen by calling Senate Minority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, today at (202) 224-2541 and urging him to present Judge Chen’s nomination to the full Senate for a vote this week.

To call Senator McConnell and support Judge Chen, follow these steps:

  • Call his office at (202) 224-2541.  
  • When a staffer at Senator McConnell’s office picks up, politely introduce yourself and say that you would like the Senator to present Judge Chen’s nomination to the full Senate for a vote this week and that his confirmation is important to the Asian Pacific American community. The staffer may ask you for your address or zip code to confirm the state in which you reside. The staffer will make a note of your call and your support of Judge Chen.


You can find out more about Judge Chen and his nomination here.

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