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APAP Stands in Solidarity with APALA on the American Jobs Act

October 7, 2011
Contact:                Caroline Fan, 202-508-3734
Asian Pacific American Groups on the American Jobs Act

APAP SF Bay Area Mixer with KAYA

Join progressive folks from Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) and KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress for a drink (pre-Advancing Justice Conference) as we celebrate Asian and Filipino American progressives this election 2011.

Wednesday, October 26


Hukilau San Francisco

5 Masonic Ave

San Francisco

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Filipino American Community Mayor's Forum 2011 San Francisco

Filipino American Community Mayor's Forum 2011
San Francisco
by Erin Jerri Pangilinan - National Communications Director

Rally for Exploited Filipino Teachers of Prince George County

This information comes to us via Jo Quiambao of the Filipino advocacy group, Katarungan.

There will be a rally TODAY (8/9/11) from 2 - 5pm in front of the White House to support the Filipino teachers of Prince George County that have had their wages stolen and are now faced with deportation.

Celebrating LGBT Pride & AAPI Heritage Month

Celebrating LGBT Pride & AAPI Heritage Month

Cross-posted at White House Blog

Posted by Hector Vargas on May 25, 2011 at 09:07 AM EDT

SAVE THE DATE! - 2010 AAPI House Party - May 2nd ** UPDATED **

On Sunday, May 2nd, please join Asian Pacific Americans for Progress as we host our annual State of Asian Pacific America House Party. We are pleased to announce that Kalpen Modi, Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, Congressmembers Mike Honda (CA-15) and Judy Chu (CA-32) and other noted guests, will be joining us, via conference call, for the nationwide event.

Undeclared Culture War on Nature?

Image of Total Lunar Eclipse from Grant's Grove by Ryan Watamura at www.space.com <http://www.space.com/25488-total-lunar-eclipse-photos-april-2014.html>


During the lunar eclipse on April 15th, as the shadow of Earth passed across the Moon, a strange quiet coincided with silent motion. While darkness crept over the Earth, silence reigned among its nonhumans. We had a front seat view of the luminary passage--didn't even need technology to enhance our experience.

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary

Photo by Tiffany Ang/Al Jazeera from "A Widow's Penance," 101 East 

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary

We need our own Maya Angelou!

We Need Our Own Maya Angelou!

Who will be our Maya Angelou?

We have a Maya L., the Architect, whose stature and gentleness evokes the Lady in White. We have a Maxine, the Warrior whose voice is both a memory and a dream. We have unsung gifted male writers: Byron Yee, Beau Sia, so many others.

But no central unifying figure around whom a solid, anthologizing should occur, led by Asians; Yellow Asian voices; screaming, laughing, sobbing, aspiring for all;

Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Cross-post from http://blog.nader.org/2014/05/19/unstoppable-rightleft-convergence-event-may-27th/

[Unstoppable Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Join us Tuesday (May 27, 2014) for an unprecedented one day gathering that will convene leading experts from the Left and Right (such as Jim Hightower, Judson Phillips, Medea Benjamin, Bruce Fein, Ron Unz and more) to find common ground on many of the key issues of our time.