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Interested in sharing your opinions about progressive politics? Want to highlight the great work of local community groups and individuals? Then join our blog team. Send us an email and we can sign you up. apafp AT apaforprogress DOT org.

Blog for APAs for Progress!

Do you have a critical and politically progressive Asian American or Pacific Islander take and perspectives on current events and news?  Are you interested in engaging readers in dialogue on things happening in your local community, nationally, or globally that politically progressive AAPIs should know about?

Then, APAs for Progress blog encourages you to start writing!  Just create your own account on the site, and start blogging.  Pseudonyms or pen names are ok by us. Here’s a quick how-to on blogging on our platform:

Now you're ready to start blogging!

One challenging thing are MSNBC videos! Here's Allan explaining how to embed those...

If you have any content or technical questions, contact spamfriedrice@apaforprogress.org.

Once you post your entries, encourage your friends, family, and anyone else to read them!

How to get your posts on the front-page of the blog:

Not all posts will be placed on the front page of the website. Everything you write will be posted in your own blog, as part of the APAs for Progress blogging community, and only some will be selected for the front page. Here are general criteria and tips for getting your stuff published to the front page:

  • Get lots of people reading your material. The more you show you have a following and readership, the more likely your posts will make it to the front page.
  • Bring an Asian American and/or Pacific Islander politically progressive opinion on issues.
  • Be cutting edge, relevant, and timely.

How to be a featured writer:

We would love to have at least 10-15 featured bloggers on the site, who blog at least 3 times a week. The more posts you write that are timely, relevant, and consistently show a critical AAPI progressive stance and eye on issues, the Blog Team will likely ask you to be a featured blogger.  If you feel you're ready to step it up to be a featured blogger, please contact spamfriedrice@apaforprogress.org.


When you create a post, please do the following: • We are trying to drive more traffic to the blog. If you just follow the guidelines below, this can drive a lot more traffic from Google to the site. • Create Google-friendly headlines. Make sure your headlines have keywords in the title. Generally speaking, Google likes very straightforward headlines in the title of your blog post. For instance, this is not a very good blog post headline: Barack Wows the Audience At His Farewell Speech at the DNC '08 It's too idiosyncratic for Google to figure out how to index within its database. Instead, write the following title: Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech at the 2008 DNC Impresses Everyone Notice the difference? All the keywords come early: "Barack", "Obama", "Acceptance", "Speech", "2008 DNC". There's also no use of idiomatic language that makes it tough on Google. Don't believe me? Try doing a search using those titles in Google. • Never leave a post uncategorized. If you think your post deserves a new category, do NOT post it. Send e-mail to eugenia@apaforprogress and have someone create a category for you. • Use the "Insert More" tag (the button after the link/unlink buttons that has 2 white rectangles divided by a line) after a paragraph or 2, especially if you have a long post, so that it doesn't take up all of the space on the homepage. This also helps us track what people are interested in reading when they click on the "Read More" link. • Always tag your posts. These tags can be as idiosyncratic as you want it to be. Let your humor and spirit shine in the way you tag your post. Also, be thorough. If you talk about 15 celebrities/politicians and mention 5 places, I hope to see 23 tags. That's right, one tag for every important thing in your post. • Always fill in the Excerpt section. That's used for the RSS feeds. Make it sweet and short to the point, preferably with a directive like: "Read about Obama's killer speech at the 2008 DNC. Prepare to cry and be proud of his achievements as the first black presidential candidate of a major political party". 


1. Click on "Dashboard". 2. Click on the "Add New" link under Media on the left half side of the screen. 3. Select the file you're going to upload. As soon as you double-click on the file you want to upload, Wordpress will start to upload the file. Wait for a while. It will then show you a screen that asks you to fill in a Title, Caption and Description. Please do that. 4. Click on "Save All Changes". 5. Go to your post. 6. Put the cursor where you want to add the audio file. 7. Click on the musical notes at the top of your post. It will show you an "Add Audio" screen. 8. Click on "Media Library". 9. Click on "Show" next to the file you want to add. 10. You will a Link URL field at the bottom of the screen. Select it all by dragging your cursor over it and hit CTRL-C. You will need to copy and paste this to your post. Example: http://www.apaforprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/news071024_freelancers_tyte1.mp3 11. Hit the little X on the top right of the "Add Audio" screen. 12. Then make sure you have the right URL to it. In your post enter: [audio:the_url_you_just_copied] Example: [audio:http://www.apaforprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/news071024_freelancers_tyte1.mp3]