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Vincent Who?

Big news! Asian Pacific Americans for Progress is proud to announce our first film project: "Vincent Who?" It all started in spring of 2007. As the 25th anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin was fast approaching, we began asking around to see if anything was being done in the community.

Disrupting the Hypersexualized and Domestic Filipina Image

In efforts to change the sexualized and docile Filipina image online generated by dating sites that perpetuate a narrow understanding of who the modern Filpina is, Filipina Images in conjunction with Wikipilipinas (a one-stop collective of everything Filipino) ran a wri

American Zombie movie opens March 28 - Los Angeles

Hello APA for Progress,Grace Lee, here. Thanks to Curtis, Jenn and Monica for inviting me to post here about my movie AMERICAN ZOMBIE, which opens this Friday in Los Angeles at the Sunset 5 Theaters.  I hope you will be able to check it out.

The Lesson of Hiroshima for the U.S. Presidential Election

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by a Hiroshima survivor. Here's his story as I remember it. Mr. Teramoto was ten years old when the atom bomb hit Hiroshima. One second he was leaning over a desk to write a postcard to a friend; the next second he was on his back amid the rubble of his former house. An aunt pulled him out. His face was covered in blood.

James Yee, Guantanamo, and John McCain

The Austin American Statesman has interviewed former army chaplain James Yee about the mistreatment he witnessed at Guantanamo.

I'm sorry...

... but Hillary Clinton didn't "misspeak" about her trip to Bosnia.

Asian Americans for Obama: Weekly Pitch

The following was sent to a number of political bloggers in the Pennsylvania area and in the Asian American community. Please post and distribute these links and help spread the word of Asian American support for Barack Obama

The Speech — Dual Consciousness on the Presidential Stage

At its core, Tuesday's speech amounted to a groundbreaking big-stage exposition of

A Few Initial Reactions to Obama's Speech on Race

I really identified with this part of Obama's speech:
I can no more disown him [Rev. Wright] than I can disown the black community.

Obama in 30 Seconds

By Christina MoveOn.org is one of the best, if not the best, progressive Political Action Committee in America. It's GOTV effort in the 2006 midterms sent more calls to otherwise hesitant voters than the margin of victory in many states and the organization boast more than 3 million members (this blogger among them). And it was a great day when close to 70% of its members voted to endorse Sen.