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Who's Got Our Filipino WWII Veterans' Backs? A Look Back for a Better Look Forward

The Filipino American community is shaping up to be a critical constituency in the upcoming Presidential election.  Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group, and Filipino Americans are the second largest contingent in this increasingly important demographic.  At the same time, we have higher levels of undecided voters and Filipino Americans in particular, demonstrate almost an equal split between undecided voters and Obama supporters, with a slight lead for Romney supporters.  In an election where undecided voters are at a premium, significant populations of Filip

Out of the Closet and Out of the Shadows: NQAPIA Statement on LGBT Immigration and the AAPI Community

Washington, DC:  Today, the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) joins the chorus of voices calling for comprehensive immigration reform that truly meets the needs of everyone who calls this country home.  Members of Congress and national organizations here in Washington, DC recognize the urgency for passing legislation that fixes our broken immigration system.  Beyond the Beltway as well, lesbian/ gay/ bisexu

LGBT Southeast Asians Take It National

QSEA Census Logo: tinyurl.com/qsea2010QSEA Census Logo: tinyurl.com/qsea2010

The Importance of API LGBT Visibility

For this entire week, a fabulous group of LGBT and allied guest bloggers have recognized the transition from May as AAPI Heritage Month to June as LGBT (lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ transgender) Pride Month.  These blog postings represent some of the leading voices in any of our communities and we’re proud to bring them to you.  The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) is glad to work with Asian Pacific Americans for Progress on this and is committed to continued partnership on issues that affect us all. 

Memorial Day Musings: At the Intersection of AAPI Heritage and LGBT Pride

Happy Memorial Day!

Georgia's Asian Pacific American Population Confronts Xenophobia

Georgia's state legislature is currently considering a law that would impose English-Only provisions for the driver's license test.  The specifics of the bill are in the Action Alert below, but what really moves me about this issue is how the Asian Pacific American community has weighed in.  In the state, local Asian Pacific American groups have been outspoken about the need to make sure that Georgians don't let misguided xenophobia be the basis of their lawmaking.  

DC Voting Rights and Asian Americans/ Pacific Islanders: Still Second Class Citizens?

I first moved to the Washington, DC metropolitan area when my twin brother had just been shipped off to Guam where he was to be stationed as part of the U.S. Navy.  We noted the irony that with the two of us living in the nation’s capital and the far-off Pacific Island U.S. territory of Guam, neither of us had a voting representative in Congress.  Delegates Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) and Robert A. Underwood (D-GU) both served their districts and this nation admirably over the years, but they were, quite literally, second class citizens compared to their colleagues in the House of Representatives.  They were able to participate in committees, where some of the important work of legislation happens, but when it came to an actual vote on the laws of the land, they were denied.