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Undeclared Culture War on Nature?

Image of Total Lunar Eclipse from Grant's Grove by Ryan Watamura at www.space.com <http://www.space.com/25488-total-lunar-eclipse-photos-april-2014.html>


During the lunar eclipse on April 15th, as the shadow of Earth passed across the Moon, a strange quiet coincided with silent motion. While darkness crept over the Earth, silence reigned among its nonhumans. We had a front seat view of the luminary passage--didn't even need technology to enhance our experience.

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary

Photo by Tiffany Ang/Al Jazeera from "A Widow's Penance," 101 East 

AJAM's Upcoming 1st Year Anniversary

We need our own Maya Angelou!

We Need Our Own Maya Angelou!

Who will be our Maya Angelou?

We have a Maya L., the Architect, whose stature and gentleness evokes the Lady in White. We have a Maxine, the Warrior whose voice is both a memory and a dream. We have unsung gifted male writers: Byron Yee, Beau Sia, so many others.

But no central unifying figure around whom a solid, anthologizing should occur, led by Asians; Yellow Asian voices; screaming, laughing, sobbing, aspiring for all;

Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Cross-post from http://blog.nader.org/2014/05/19/unstoppable-rightleft-convergence-event-may-27th/

[Unstoppable Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Join us Tuesday (May 27, 2014) for an unprecedented one day gathering that will convene leading experts from the Left and Right (such as Jim Hightower, Judson Phillips, Medea Benjamin, Bruce Fein, Ron Unz and more) to find common ground on many of the key issues of our time.

Silence of the Liberal Lambs (Pt 1)

Polls indicate that fewer Americans are expected to vote in midterm elections.

The growing apathy may stem from a variety of reasons:

            "I have to focus on finding a job."

            "Our lives are in God's hands."

            "My vote makes no difference."

Earth Day 2014: War the Wrong Kind of Green

Alternative Media Coverage of Trans-Pacific Partnership

A variety of alternative media outlets are decrying the potentially devastating effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (an Executive Branch) among up to fourteen Pacific Rim nations guaranteeing special access to American imports in return for exports---the kinds of products which have closed down small to medium sized American businesses and manufacturers over the past two decades. 

CABs vs ABCs: Can't we all get along?

Chinese anchor babies (CABs) are not a new phenomenon. My father was one. In Gwok Choy: A Family Memoir from the Sino-Japanese War, the return to China during the years of the Chinese Exclusion Act was sort of inevitable, because workers were not allowed to linger on foreign soil. Deprived of the opportunity to truly, comfortably settle down, my grandparents returned to the motherland in the hopes of providing their children a Chinese education.

Robin Hood Tax by Keith Ellison Pushed in EU

See video

Congressman Keith Ellison, Co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus reintroduced the Inclusive Prosperity Act (HR-1579) in April 2013. Ellison had also introduced it during the 112th Congress under H.R. 6411 in September 2012.

The bill made a media splash then disappeared in Committee. Nevertheless it's popular enough that Congressman Ellison posts it on his homepage.  

Depression an Issue for Asian-American Teens

While the woes of older Asian American women and suicide prevention have received national attention, the media has neglected to examine the same issue with regard to younger Asian-American women and teenagers. But they bear a close look all the same.