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Rest in Peace and Power, John Delloro

I'm still hoping that the text message I got on Saturday was a cruel joke.  The message read: "Have you heard that John Delloro passed? I just wanted to confirm." My heart stopped and my head spun around trying to understand the words on my phone. I called John's cell phone, which didn't go straight to voicemail. After five rings, I heard John's voice in the voicemail message, a beep and silence...

A Poetic Alliance between Asian American & Latino/a American communities

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Just got an email from Bao Phi about this amazing performance of "Under the Table" by Tatiana Ormaza and Juliana Hu Pegues.

Tam Tran & Cinthya Felix: DREAM Activists Killed in Car Crash

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This weekend I shed a few tears over the loss of two inspiring leaders in the immigrant youth movement.  On Saturday night I started seeing "RIP" notes on facebook. With all of the crazy racist anti-immigrant stuff going on these days, I just could not believe that Tam Tran and Cinthya Felix had died in a car crash in Maine. I know that since their passing, I feel that the fight for fair and just immigration reform and the DREAM Act is that much more urgent.

Conference Call with Kiran Ahuja, White House AAPI Initiative TODAY!

Just got this notice for a conference call TODAY!

Conference Call with Kiran Ahuja, White House AAPI Initiative TODAY!

Just got this notice for a conference call TODAY!

Racism against Immigrants on the Rise Nationally

(photo credit: Boston Herald)

Wow! I usually never notice the Boston Herald, but today as I walked by the newstand at my T (subway) stop, I did a double take when I saw the front page with the headline "Mass. Cracks Down on Illegals." It looks like Arizona's brand of anti-immigrant racism is trying to make its way across the country.

Don Nakanishi, Asian American and Latino Coalitions

The Los Angeles Times had a very cool profile on Don.  I'm currently at the Association for Asian American Studies conference in Austin, TX, and I have to say that this feature came out at a very appropriate time.  As a growing field, Asian American Studies continues to face challenges in changing to reflect the times, yet continue to be grounded in its tradition and history of community-based research. 

SAFRA: What's in it for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders?

Did you hear? President Obama signed SAFRA (Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act) into law last week, and Greg Cendana (APAP Board member/President of USSA) was on the front lines making it happen. That's him with USSA Communications Director, Jake Stillwell (pictured above, left) and Congressman George Miller (pictured above, right).

Asian Amercan Blogging & Asian American Studies

If you're in Austin this week, come check out the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) annual conference.  It's being hosted by the University of Texas, Austin Center for Asian American Studies (that's their lovely artwork up top! I dig the fingerprint!).

Wei Chen, Asian American Leadership & South Philly High School

It's been a while since I've written anything on the case of violence and neglect by institutional leadership at South Philly High.