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Eugene Lee named one of top lawyers

Great news. Eugene Lee, one of APAP's founding board members, has just been honored for the awesome voting rights work that he does over at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center.

Eugene was instrumental in helping us to incorporate and to make sure we made the smooth transition from the Dean campaign. While it was a loss for our organization that he went off to the non-partisan world, Eugene has definitely worked tirelessly on behalf of the community. I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

Here's the press release from APALC:


National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Recognizes Lee for Exceptional Contributions and Achievements 

LOS ANGELES, CA– On Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) honored Asian Pacific American Legal Center’s (APALC) Eugene Lee as a 2010 recipient of NAPABA’s “Best Lawyers Under 40” Award at its 22nd annual convention in Los Angeles, CA.

“This award is a great honor and I am grateful to NAPABA,” said Lee.  “I will celebrate the award with my family and colleagues as a symbol of recognition from the Asian Pacific American legal profession of the important work that APALC attorneys do to serve our communities.”


At APALC, a member of Asian American Center for Advancing Justice, Lee directs the Voting Rights Project, which focuses on voter protection, Voting Rights Act compliance and ballot access policy and is currently working to strengthen the voice of Asian Pacific American communities during the 2011 redistricting process. He chairs or has served on a number of state and county advisory committees responsible for voter access issues.  Lee is a graduate of Duke University and Columbia Law School. 


“Eugene is a passionate and articulate advocate for the Asian Pacific American community, and we are very proud that NAPABA has chosen to honor his leadership,” said Stewart Kwoh, president and executive director of APALC.

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