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Thanks for your interest in Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. Here are some frequent questions:

General Questions

Who are you?
Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) is a national network of progressive Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and allies. We are a 501(c)4 that organizes educational programs with an affiliated political action committee (PAC) that endorses candidates and engages in more partisan activities. We incorporated in 2005, but our origins are with the Howard Dean Presidential campaign in 2003.

What is the difference between a 501 (c)4 and 501(c)3?
The more common 501 (c)3 is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. A 501(c)4 is a non-profit, but we are not tax-exempt. That means donations to APAP are not tax-deductible. In exchange, APAP is allowed to limit our membership and we are allowed to do more political activities.

Are you a Democratic organization?
APAP is a progressive organization that works with individuals and organizations, regardless of party affiliation. We have supported individuals from various parties.

What do you mean by "progressive"?
At APAP, the term "progressive" refers not only to a general set of beliefs that are classified as progressive or liberal, but also in terms of your approach to politics. The term "progressive" can also be used to identify people who use new technology or who are interested in bringing new people into the political process. Basically, it's anyone who is forward-thinking.

Why do we need another AAPI organization?
APAP actually identifies as a progressive organization first. This means our membership is united, first and foremost, by our political philosophies, as opposed to just our ethnicity, race or party affiliation. In addition, APAP serves several vital functions:

1.) our group is national and it's important to unify all the great efforts locally to form a cohesive national voice
2.) as 2.0 organization, we are willing to take chances, especially when it comes to new technologies and new ideas
3.) there really is no progressive / partisan group in the community.

Outside of election-year activity, how does joining the national organization benefit us with our concerns and organizational affiliations locally?
Simply, there are strengths in numbers. By building a national network, especially in the off-years of federal elections, we can better advance a national agenda and bring greater attention to local issues. We aim to bridge the ethnic, geographic and age differences that often serve as an impediment to the creation of a truly unified AAPI community.


How much is membership?
General membership is just $20 per year and all funds raised goes towards the public programs of the organization including our Dem Sums and Chai, townhalls, films, screenings and training programs. In return, you'll get discounts to our events and merchandise and voting privileges. To join, simply go here: http://www.apaforprogress.org/how-to-get-involved

Who are your members?
APAP is made up of every day citizens, including students, filmmakers, scientists, academics, community organizers, lawyers and others, as well as elected officials staffers and campaign workers. To see a list of our current Board, please go to: http://www.apaforprogress.org/about

How many members do you have?
APAP has a mailing list of over 4,500 progressive Asian American allies. We also have a network of working chapters with paid members. For a list of our chapters, please go to: Chapters and Contacts

How can I get involved?
The best way to get involved is to contact your local chapter and see what programs they are organizing in your area. For a list of chapters, please go to: Chapters and Contacts


How do I form a chapter in my city?
If there are no chapters or contacts in your area and you would like to volunteer, please send us an email at apafp (at) apaforprogress (dot) org.

1.) Chapters in good standing must have ten actively paid members.
2.) Chapters in good standing must elect a President, and any other officers they deem necessary, on an annual basis, from the members in good standing.
3.) Chapters in good standing must organize at least two public events per year.
4.) Chapters in good standing may endorse local, state and federal candidates only within their chartered jurisdiction.
5.) Chapters in good standing must abide by all the general rules and by-laws established by the National Board.
6.) All membership fees and funds will be collected by the Treasurer of the National Board and disbursed on an as-needed basis. A percentage of all membership fees collected by the chapter, not to exceed ten per cent, will go towards national activities and administrative expenses.

Please email us if you would like to start a chapter in your area.

What is the relationship between the national organization and local chapters?
APAP highly encourages our local chapters to establish their own agendas and to decide their own activities. However, by being connected to a larger national movement, we hope to better enable their activities by bringing in additional resources and contacts. Additionally, we work with each chapter to place a local individual on our national board.

Do local chapters have their own website?
We encourage every chapter to post their activities (and to blog) on our one national website at apaforprogress.org. However for local events, several of our local chapters have launched their own Facebook pages.

Do local chapters have their own bank accounts?
No. There is one national account. When local chapters need to pay for expenses, they must fill out reimbursement forms.