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He said WHAT!? Hoekstra’s Racially-Charged Super Bowl Campaign Ad

If you have not already heard it's election year and every true blue American candidate wants to set themselves up to be the MOST American for your vote. This means they forget about all the Americans that don't look pale (read: white) and go after that big evil decepticon that is China (also you totally got me... Decepticons are based off the Japanese cartoon. Transformers, the cartoon, is not Chinese but really... who can tell the difference between all them Asians?).

The problem is they forget and help other folks forget that there are such things as Asian Americans that exist in the US that feel the same weight of responsibility to ensure America's economy comes back and thrives. Fear mongering like this can lead to violence (read: Vincent Chin), and I hope we can all agree no one wants that.

This is what he said/did (which is so hard to believe in this day and age anyone could think that was okay...)

Hoekstra’s advertisement depicted an Asian woman speaking in broken English and a heavy accent to thank Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) for sending money and jobs overseas.  The ad also directed viewers to a Hoekstra-sponsored campaign website that featured Chinese characters and imagery.

Here are the press/blog hits of AAPIs who are making sure candidates like Hoekstra don't get away with it.


We need to speak up, let all candidates on any party know that this type of fear mongering is not okay. If you want to speak up and coordinate with a supportive network then you should blog with us at APAP. We cover all sorts of topics, not just politics and not just Asian American/Pacific Islander issues. If you're interested, email our Blog Editor at calvin@apaforprogress.org.

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Anthony on Sat, 02/11/2012 - 03:02

I totally agree that fear mongering is horrible both sides are guilty of this. However, it is a known fact that there are hundreds of businesses taking their business overseas. This kind of stuffs hurts America badly. That ad should never have singled out any one country. It's happening everywhere.


Just because the truth is depicted does not mean that it is fear mongering but the new games should not have singled out China as it is happening everywhere.

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