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John Choi forms exploratory committee for Ramsey County Attorney

In addition to Vallay Varro's candidacy for the Saint Paul School Board, word comes from Minnesota that there's another Asian American running for local office. Saint Paul City Attorney John Choi has announced his intentions to run for Ramsey County Attorney. From his recently-launched website:

For the past few months, I have engaged numerous DFL activists, elected officials, lawyers, union and business leaders, faith leaders, criminal justice professionals and the non-profit advocacy community to build an exciting grassroots campaign for Ramsey County Attorney in 2010.  Although I have not formally announced my candidacy, you should know that I have every intention of taking the next step very soon. 

As the Saint Paul City Attorney for the past three-and-a-half years, I have made a difference by doing the following: 

  • Providing effective leadership for 70 employees and management over an $8M budget.
  • Developed a proactive strategy to prevent and disrupt criminal gang activity to keep our community safe.
  • Provided leadership on an effort to ban the possession of toy replica firearms.
  • Organized my colleagues from 20 large cities to form and co-chair the “Multi-City Litigation Working Group on Foreclosures” to hold lenders accountable in the mortgage foreclosure crisis.
  • Developed and fostered an affirmative litigation approach to aggressively combat public nuisance behavior and to seek the collection of taxpayer money.
  • Created innovative diversion and restorative justice programs in the area of worthless check prosecutions, invalid license cases and obstructing legal process arrests.

I have the experience and a proven record of leadership in transforming a public law agency and improving the criminal justice system for all people.  This is why I have received significant support and excitement for my possible candidacy from elected officials, DFL activists and the legal and criminal justice communities.   

Today, I am pleased to announce the support of over 35 current and former elected officials in Ramsey County, over 150 lawyers, and a series of early union endorsements.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope to earn your support as well in the coming months.

Minnesota is the home to quite a few AAPI elected officials including State Senators Mee Moua and Satveer Chaudhary and State Representative Cy Thao.  Maybe we should be looking to the AAPI's in MN as a role model for civic engagement.

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