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Lifting API Women's Voices for Immigration Reform

Dear Advocates and Allies,

To capture the diverse narratives of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community through the perspective of API women and girls, NAPAWF has created an Immigration Community Survey. The stories of Asian immigrant women and their families are rarely, if ever, depicted in mainstream media. We hope this community survey will help elevate immigrant Asian women's issues and bring attention to the compelling stories that are too often not told.

Please take the next 8-10 minutes to fill out NAPAWF's Immigration Community Survey and forward it to other API women who might be interested. Together, we can give voice to the most urgent issues facing immigrant Asian women and girls as comprehensive immigration reform approaches Congress.

 NAPAWF believes that true comprehensive immigration reform must be grounded in principles of human rights, and include provisions that support all immigrants, their families, and communities. To learn more, read our principles for immigration reform.

For questions about the Immigration is HERstory and Our Story Campaign, please contact Lan at lnguyen@napawf.org.

For justice,

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