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Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Obama

Cross-post of rallies and marches in opposition to President Obama's policies (drones, militarization, and austerity measures) on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, 2013 at 9:00am beginning from Meridian Hill Park (Malcolm X Park) and with a march down 16th Street towards K Street in Washington, DC starting at 10:00am.

"All indications are that President Obama will continue a Wall Street and military agenda. That is why growing the Occupy Movement continues to be necessary to counter corporate duopoly policies." --Dr. Margaret Flowers

“Had King survived, his break with Obama would have come early.”

"One school of thought holds that corporate servants like Obama could not have taken root in Black America if Dr. King, Malcolm X and a whole cadre of slain and imprisoned leaders of the Sixties had not been replaced by opportunistic representatives of a grasping Black acquisitive class."--Glen Ford


(In my view, these are preemptive actions taken to help prevent ourselves from being hoodwinked by all the recent disarmament talk here at home--it's not taking place elsewhere--and to raise awareness of how things may continue to get worse before they get better).


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