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What Remains: A Reflection on the Importance of Remembering Vincent Chin

The first time I heard about Vincent Chin, I was a sophomore in college. "Vincent Who?" was being screened at my college, and I decided to go because I had just begun to become involved with diversity iniatives at my college. Growing up, I was so far removed from the APA community, that I did not identify with the stories of other APAs around me, primarily because I was not knowledgeable about issues of equity, but also because I felt like it did not personally affect me.


Washington, DC—The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) is proud to announce the launch of the Asian Pacific American Political Database, a searchable online resource that contains profiles of hundreds of Asian Pacific American (APA) elected officials and political candidates. The database was made possible through the generous support of Yum! Brands, Inc., and will be hosted on the APAICS website at www.apaics.org.

A Parent’s Perspective: Give Back Our Daughter’s Right to Marry

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By Harold and Ellen Kameya

Twenty-two years ago, our then 20-year old daughter Valerie told us she was gay. As Sansei from Hawaii, raised in a socially conservative Japanese American culture, Valerie’s announcement devastated us. At that time, we were woefully ignorant on issues of sexual orientation, including that being gay is not a choice. As part of that ignorance, we were saddened that we would never see our daughter get married or have a family.

Bay Area APAP House Party - Features APA Emerging Leaders

The San Francisco Bay Area APAP House Party took place in Berkeley, CA. We were fortunate to have an impressive group of attendees including many emerging APA leaders from UC Berkeley, local public officials, national & state program directors/coordinators, an APAP board member and our special guest, Jennifer Pae, who is running for Oakland City Council.

This Week in Asian Pacific America (new weekly feature) - Sept. 25

APAP's new weekly feature appears every Friday, and if you know of or organizing an event please e-mail your flyer to pressrelease@apaforprogress.org.  This way, the AAPI community will be informed of events in their respective areas.


This Week In Asian Pacific America

Hi everyone, I'm Francis, but you can call me Kiko or kikoman.  I will mostly be posting Asian American events and other important cultural and/or political events in and around our community.  The segment in the APAP website is entitled "This Week in Asian Pacific America."  If you know of an upcoming events, please forward them to pressrelease@apaforprogress.org.  Your help and knowledge will be very much appreciated.

From September 19 - September 26, 2009