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Winner of the Unsung Heroes Competition: Janet Liang!

We’re excited to announce that Janet Liang is the winner of our Unsung Heroes Funraising Competition! In our inaugural event we were able to raise over $1,000 for various progressive causes.

Last Day of Unsung Heroes Fundraiser

We are in the final hours of the 2011 Unsung Heroes Fundraiser. It's the final countdown.

Together we have raised over $1,000 for various progressive AAPI causes. Have you supported YOUR unsung hero yet? 

APAP Unsung Heroes: March Madness Fundraising Competition

If you’ve got some pent up energy from following Linsanity, get off the sidelines and get into the game! All this month we have been unveiling our APAP 2011 Unsung Heroes. Once a day we have featured a post on one of our 4 Honorable Mentions and 11 Unsung Heroes for their committed advocacy towards various progressive causes. All 15 of these posts are entered into our March Madness Fundraising Competition.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Minh T. Nguyen

This post was a collaboration between myself and our APAP Blog Editor and Board Member, Calvin Prashad.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Chinese Progressive Association

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, the Chinese Progressive Association and our featured Unsung Hero of the day, has educated, empowered and organized the low-income Chinese immigrant community in San Francisco since 1972. CPA is a multi-generational organization, organizing adults and youth to “build collective power with other oppressed communities to demand better living and working conditions and justice for all people. (cpasf.org)”

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Cristina Lor

This blog post was written by APAP Blog Editor and Board Member, Calvin Prashad.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Tanzila Taz Ahmed

I like to think of Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed as our community’s “Inspector Gadget,” with the ability to do just about anything. Taz is a writer, blogger, poet, community organizer and policy researcher based in Southern California. She is currently working as the Voter Engagement Manager at the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC). Her list of accomplishments in 2011 alone is enough to make me believe Taz is part human, part machine.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Elizabeth OuYang

The suspicious death of Private Danny Chen has become a sobering reminder of the race-based bullying that affects Asian Americans across the country and especially in the military.  The level of public awareness about this case would not be where it is today without the efforts of this Unsung Hero, Elizabeth OuYang, of the Organization of Chinese Americans.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Aileen Mercado

Aileen Mercado was instrumental in advocating for migrant teachers’ issues in Baltimore City. She has been a caring teacher for over 20 years and lives with her husband Isagani and 3 children: Andrei (17), Andrea (11) and Adrienne (9) in Baltimore. Aileen is currently a member of the Baltimore Teachers (BTU) contract negotiations team, becoming the first Asian and the first international teacher of the team. She was first elected for the BTU as Member at Large in 2008. In 2010 she was elected onto the executive board as Vice President for Elementary Schools.

APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Janet Liang

When was the last time you saved a life? APAP is privileged to support Janet Liang’s grassroots movement, Helping Janet, increase the number of AAPIs and ethnic minorities in the National Marrow Donor Registry by over 15,000 donors as of March 9th, 2012. Her latest video features 10 reasons why you should sign up to be a marrow donor.