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Latino and Asian Clout in the Voting Booth

Washington D.C.- Immediately after the Presidential election of 2008, it was quickly apparent through exit polling that Latino, Asian, and African-American voting had expanded dramatically compared to the 2004 election. Census Bureau data released late last month confirms the tremendous growth in voting among these groups.

Widespread Sex Selection Among Asian American Families Nonsense

Anything I say sarcastically will be in italics.

100 Reasons to Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Cross-posted by Jay Chen (Board member, Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District), pictured here with Maya Soetoro-Ng, Konrad Ng, and Karen Chang.

Jay Chen

Anglicized Names in China?

This is perhaps of more sociological/cultural interest than political, but my cousin, a writer in Shanghai, recently wrote an interesting article in Slate inspired by the Betty Brown incident on the growing use of Anglicized names in China among the Chinese.  I knew it was a popular practice, but I didn't realize it had become routine among Ch

Obama - The First Asian American President?

obama family

Remember Betty Brown: Donate to Our Voting Rights Fund

Texas state Rep. Betty Brown's comments on Asian American names were just the tip of the iceberg on the issue of voting rights for Texans.

Quick Hits

choi No word yet from the Obama Administration regarding overturning Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but a Korean American veteran speaks out:

Lori Phanachone: Fierce Asian American Sister!

Just caught wind of this over at Angry Asian Man...

Lori Phanachone, a 2nd generation Laotian American (she was born in Cali) senior at Storm Lake High School in Storm Lake, Iowa is waging a one-woman battle against demeaning tests that have emerged from No Child Left Behind and Iowa's dumb English-only law. This sister is FIERCE!!!!

Lori Phanachone - FIERCE Asian American Sister!

Just because Lori mentioned that she speaks a language other than English at home, she is being forced to take a very basic English-proficiency exam in order to participate in senior privileges. Sister is 7th in her graduating class, has a 3.9 GPA, on the track team, and is in the National Honor Society.  Wild guess, but I think she's got to be proficient in English by now, like so many of us 1.5 and 2nd generation kids. She is refusing to take the test, and has been suspended from school!

UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009! ... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (part 6 of 6)

As my finale in this series, I will start with quick review of the past 5 posts, and then launch into a  letter to jerkfaces (yes, a technical term) who are trying to manipulate the facts of this case and try to pit Asian Americans against other people of color. That's right Stephan Thernstrom, I'm talking to you! So, here's the quick review...
  • Post 1 - Current UC eligibilty policy
  • Post 2 - New UC Entitled to Review (ETR) Policy and predicted demographic impact on who gets to apply to the UC, starting with the Fall 2012 freshmen class.
I do want to say that while every group's ETR/"you can apply to the UC... YAY for you!" numbers go up, the fact that White students becomes such a large proportion in the ETR numbers means that IF they apply in equally increased numbers, then perhaps the admissions numbers for other groups might not be as hot... time will tell... and the UC is obligated to do some serious outreach programs to education folks on the new policy. That leads to...
  • Post 3 - We don't know who will be admitted, because that's all contingent on: who will actually apply; and the comprehensive revew policies at each campus, which aren't being changed at all by this policy change.
  • Post 4 - We need more detailed data!!!
  • Post 5 - (this one may have ruined my career but...) I called out some politicians and an AAPI org... Hey AAPI sisters and brothers, can we talk? We need to get organized!
Now... it's time for a letter to crazy neo-conservatives... I hope you're listening Stephan Thernstrom, et al., because I need to tell you something...

UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009!... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (Part 5 of 6)

The Joint API Legislative Caucus has concerns that the proposed UC eligibility and admissions policy, which has wide ranging ramifications and unknown consequences, has not received the proper public vetting it deserves. The current proposal has only been available for public review for a few months before being presented to the UC Regents for a decision. Outreach regarding the eligibility proposal to the Joint API Legislative Caucus, API civil rights organizations, or API higher education associations has been non-existent. - Letter from Joint API Legislative Caucus to UC Regents, 02.03.09
Hello again, fair readers! Sorry that this post is going up a little later than the last ones have. After the long weekend, I had to go back to school/work.  Today, we're gonna review the last point in the Caucus' letter. I hate to be a stickler and be kinda repetitive, but in the first sentence of the paragraph, I need to correct that the new policy is not regarding admissions. It defines who is Entitled to Review in the UC admissions process. So it's an admissions eligibility policy. But I digress back to earlier posts. And really, what the Caucus is saying hits on a broader issue of how the UC conducts its business (public shared governance? PFFFFT! Whatever!) and how AAPI's engage with the UC... and really how AAPI's aren't very organized in articulating AAPI interests in education policy making overall. Yup! We're gonna critique the UC governance structure, but then take a self-reflexive turn. After all, self-reflexivity and dialogue are the keys to community progress! Corny? Yet so true... so Freirean!