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Bobby Jindal reveals thin skin

Sticks and stones may break his bones, but if you dare criticize Republican Governor and Presidential-aspirant Bobby Jindal's policies, it could get you fired. Case in point: Melody Teague, a contract grants worker, who spoke up recently:

Melody Teague criticized Jindal during a forum held by the Commission for Streamlining Government. Soon after, the contract grants reviewer was told she was fired for her handling of the state's disaster food stamps program four years ago, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Asian American politicians battle over high speed rail

Let's call it the Battle of the Bayou. Down in Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal and Congressman Joseph Cao are at odds in a little Republican party battle. Governor Jindal continues to try and court the right-wing for a future Presidential run while Congressman Cao, who is fighting for his political life, tries to appeal to the middle in his uphill re-election bid. Guess which side won?

Bobby Jindal loves the helicopter... Whee!

Don't you just love these fiscal conservatives and their flight itineraries?  First it was Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and his questionable plane rides on the taxpayers dime. Now we have word that Louisiana Republican Bobby Jindal has been taking helicopter flights on Sundays to attend church services, again courtesy of the state taxpayers.  From The Advocate in Louisiana:

Bobby Jindal flip flops on high speed rail... again

Well, that didn't take long.  Just three weeks after the A.P. reported that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's administration was going to be requesting $300 million dollars for a high speed rail connecting Baton Rouge to New Orleans, Jindal has changed positions again.

Ravi Sangisetty Set to Run for Congress?

What is it with Asian Americans in Louisiana? Why are so many of them running for office down in the bayou?

Jindal Passes on Senate Race

Perhaps, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is too busy trying to kill Obama's health care reform, but he has decided not to challenge Republican Senator David Vitter in a primary, despite Vitter's potential vulnerability with the Republican base. In usual political-speak:

Updates on Koh, Liu, Yoon, Filipino Americans, Census and more...

There's been a lot of news on our community and elected officials this past week.  Here's a roundup of some of the articles.

Another South Asian Republican Governor in the South?

It seems the Republican Party has found another high-profile Asian American recruit to go along with Van Tran in CA-47.  South Carolina State Representative Nikki Haley has just announced she'll be running for Governor of the Palmetto State. Not only that, but as the preferred candidate of Republican Governor Mark Sanford, who is being term-limited out, Haley will have a lot of muscle behind her candidacy.

Chiming in: Obama is the first Asian American President and all the "Post-Race" Crap

State of Republican AAPIs

It has not been a good past couple of weeks for Republican AAPIs. [gallery]