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Lack of Enforcement Fuels Trafficking

"Combatting human trafficking is important; reporting and talking openly about it is one measure of our precious American freedom: demonstrating the right to promote the sanctity of human lives. If we forget or lack the courage to do this, we are in effect, militating against our collective freedoms."

Cross-posted article  from Radio Free Asia

Lack of Enforcement Fuels Trafficking

2011-06-27  by Joshua Lipes

Governments must do more to implement anti-trafficking laws, according to a new U.S. report on human trafficking.

We Are Selling Education, Are you Buying? -Cambodia Project

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For the next month (until September 18th) the Cambodia Project is participating in the Global Open Access Challenge 2009 hosted by Global Giving. If we succeed, it will be a crucial stride towards fulfilling our goal and bring a better life to the children of rural Cambodia, With the right support, CPI has the potential to benefit over 100,000 Cambodian children by improving the local economy, creating jobs and ultimately undoing the damages done to the Cambodian education system by the Khmer Rouge.