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John Liu on the Asian American vote

Here's a link to an awesome audioclip of Comptroller-elect John Liu discussing his own race, as well as the Asian American community in general. In the eight-minute clip, Liu discusses everything from the historic number of Asian American candidates to the dynamics of the AAPI community, calling it a friendly "sibling rivalry." Liu also discusses how the different communities were ultimately able to cross ethnic lines and support different AAPI candidates. It's a great interview and definitely worth a listen. It's obvious that Liu has a great knowledge of the AAPI community. 

John Liu top vote-getter in New York City

Here's a little bit of information out of New York that will lend fuel to the talks of newly-elected City Comptroller John Liu eventually running for higher office. In the recent Nov. 3rd elected, Liu not only became the  first Asian American to hold the second highest office in the world’s foremost city, but he also out-polled Mayor Michael Bloomberg by about 150,000 votes.

John Liu for Mayor of New York?

Jeesh, the man hasn't even won his race for State Comptroller and already people are openly discussing current City Councilmember John Liu as Mayor of New York City in 2013. In this article in City Hall, entitled "Liu York City," (I sense a lot of bad puns from the Daily News and Post in the future), writer Sal Gentile discusses the success of Liu's current campaign and how it could lead to even greater heights.

John Liu and Margaret Chin continue to get great press

Ever since New York City Councilman John Liu won the Democratic nomination and Margaret Chin, along with candidates Kevin Kim and Yen Chou, won in their Democratic primaries for city council last month, there's been a lot of great press about the milestone for Asian Americans.  Here are a couple of more recent articles.

John Liu thanks supporters

Here's an email we just received from the John Liu campaign. While winning the Democratic nomination for City Comptroller was huge, there still is the election on Nov. 3rd. Keep up the great work!

Dear Friend,


This week I won the Democratic nomination to become the next

John Liu Wins Democratic Nomination for City Comptroller

Today is another historic day for Asian Americans in New York City.  With 99% of precincts reporting John Liu has pulled off a convincing victory over David Yassky with 56% of the vote.  The Democratic nomination in New York is almost a guarantee of winning the election in November, so given no unforeseen obstacles, John Liu is set to become the first Asian-American to hold citywide office in New York City.  He will serve as a counter to the mayor's office and will be tasked with the unenviable task of leading the city out of the economi

GOTV for John Liu in the Democratic Primary Runoff

Tuesday September 29th, 2009 is the runoff election in the Democratic Primary for the New York City Comptroller.  The turnout is expected to be abnormally low, so in this case every vote really DOES count.  In the past week conservative news media in the city have intensified a smear campaign against John Liu, a campaign that is rooted in, dare i say it, racism.  Certain forces in this city are committed to preventing the first Asian-American from holding citywide office by inventing false ties to shadowy conspiracies.  They pain br

Poll Finds Asians Overwhelmingly Backed Liu... D'uh

When the New York Times published this article about the recent primary in Gotham city, "Poll finds Asians overwhelmingly backed Liu," they were merely stating the obvious. Anyone who has done any election work, knows that people are often partial to members of their own tribe.

Asian Americans show political muscle in New York

On Tuesday, history was made as three Asian Americans look poised to join the city council: Margaret Chin in District 1, Kevin Kim in District 19 and Yen Chou in District 20. That's a major increase from the single City Councilman in the city's 300-something year history, John Liu.

John Liu faces David Yassky in run-off, a news roundup

New York City Councilmember John Liu garnered 38% of the vote yesterday in his race for New York City Comptroller, barely missing the 40% necessary to avoid the Sept. 29th runoff. Here's a round-up of the news:

Liu and Yassky Headed for Runoff for New York City Comptroller (New York Times)