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Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Cross-post from http://blog.nader.org/2014/05/19/unstoppable-rightleft-convergence-event-may-27th/

[Unstoppable Right/Left Convergence Event on May 27th

Join us Tuesday (May 27, 2014) for an unprecedented one day gathering that will convene leading experts from the Left and Right (such as Jim Hightower, Judson Phillips, Medea Benjamin, Bruce Fein, Ron Unz and more) to find common ground on many of the key issues of our time.

The 42nd Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage: A Time for Remembrance and Reflection

To 7-year old Dick Mansfield, it was a simple enough question at the time: “Mommy, where did Chisko and Sumi go?” The blunt, straightforward answer: the Manzanar War Relocation Facility. The in-depth explanation of course, would be far more convoluted, and would take years of anger, probing, and examination to uncover. There was no hard evidence of an impending homegrown threat-- just a gripping fear that seized the American population in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Arizona's harsh anti-immigrant bill gives racial profiling the green light

From Restore Fairness blog

The passage of SB 1070 by the House of Representatives in Arizona will have chilling repercussions if signed into law by Governor Brewer. The bill dramatically expands police powers to stop, question and detain individuals for not having proper identification, a move that will instigate racial tension and fear and driving a wedge between groups.