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Are you an authentic American?

From Restore Fairness blog

"Police officers giving drivers $204 tickets for not speaking English? It sounds like a rejected Monty Python sketch. Except the grim reality is that it has happened at least 39 times in Dallas since January 2007....All but one of the drivers were Hispanic."

First Amendment Foibles: Can the Dallas PD read English?

After Ernestina Mondragon, a lovely Spanish speaking abuela stopped by rookie Officer Gary Bromley after taking a U turn, went to court to fight a citation issued for not speaking English, it was found that Dallas’ finest have issued 38 citations for the same non-existent law in the last three years.

An Asian American Cultural Center in Dallas?

Did you know that there were almost 300,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area? Well, there are and they comprise almost 3% of the city's population. Now the city wants to build the local community a cultural center.

Dallas, TX AAPI House Party 5/31/2009

Report from the Dallas House Party:


1)     Caring for the Aging Population - how do we access the government funding and programs available for our elderly Asians in the community?  How do we address the lack of care?  What support systems are available for the caregivers?