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ECAASU's Artist Raffle Features DANakaDAN

The East Coast Asian American Student Union has launched a monthly feature that both raises funds and promotes rising Asian American stars features on non-traditional media.

This month's featured artist is DANakaDAN from afterschoolspecial and tickets are only $2.  For more information, consult the flier attached to the post.

The url to buy tickets for this month and future raffels is: http://www.ecaasu.org/site/artist-raffle/

ECAASU 2010: What it means to be APIA in America

Many students have spent these past few days in the library studying for midterms and writing papers, and although I shall now be joining them in doing so as well, I’ve spent these past few days at the East Coast Asian-American Student Union’s 2010 Conference and have come out with a greater understanding of what it means to be an Asian-American, of America, of the place of APIA’s in America, and of humanity as a whole.

Census 2010 - Fill In Your Future! Win a Free Trip to ECAASU2010

Fill in Your Future!

Join our Census campaign and go to ECAASU for free!

Spring 2009 Vincent Who? Screening Schedule

Hey everyone, thanks for all your support for our new documentary, Vincent Who?, a film that looks at the state of Asian American empowerment. We are happy to announce a preliminary schedule for this Spring. Please let us know if you'd like to book a screening in your area!