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How Has the Judiciary Affected APAs?

This is part of a series of posts examining the interaction of the Asian Pacific American community and our court system.  You can make an immediate contribution to increasing diversity on the federal bench by calling members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and signing a letter [link to come] urging your Senators to confirm Professor Goodwin Liu, nominee to the U.S.

Name San Leandro school after Fred Korematsu


Judge Ed Chen Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

See video

Magistrate Judge Ed Chen testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee recently.  Judge Chen was recently nominated by Pres. Obama to a federal district bench in the Northern District of California, which includes the Bay Area.  Amazingly enough, the Bay Area has never had an Asian American federal judge, despite its historically large APA population.  As you can see in the YouTube clip, Judge Chen is likely to become the first, judging from the largely softball questions from both Republicans and Democrats on the Committee.