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Asians, Pacific Islanders & HIV: But They Are Just Kids!

May 19 is National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and World Hepatitis Day. This blog post is one of a series on the impact of HIV and Hepatitis B in Asian & Pacific Islander communities. As A&PIs, you may not believe that you are at risk for these diseases, but you are. Follow our posts throughout the week for different perspectives and stories from our community.

Asians, Pacific Islanders & HIV: Building Leadership

I recently went to a conference in DC about women advocating for HIV services, prevention programs, and awareness campaigns for their communities. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, of the 40+ women that attended the conference there was only one Asian woman ­­– me—and one Pacific Islander. This is shocking to me as I’ve recently learned that Asian & Pacific Islander men and women (across all sexual orientations) have the highest percentage increase in new HIV infections—higher than any racial or ethnic group in the country.