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Vallay Moua Varro takes office in Minnesota

Looks like the Asian American community could be gaining our own version of the Kenneday's, or at least the Sanchez sisters. That's Loretta and Linda Sanchez, two sisters from Orange County who both happen to be in Congress. In Minnesota, Vallay Moua Varro recently won her election to the St. Paul School Board, thus joining her sister, progressive hero and Minnesota State Senator Mee Moua, as an elected official.

Vallay Varro advances in St. Paul School Board race

In addition to the big races in New York City today, primaries were also held in Minnesota for St. Paul Mayor and several of the seats on the school board. The results are in and progressive Asian American candidate Vallay Varro has advanced to the run-off in November.

Vallay Varro Runs for St. Paul School Board

Speaking of local candidates, we just got an email from APAP member Yee Chang in Minnesota. Yee is married to State Senator Mee Moua and it looks like his sister-in-law, Vallay Moua Varro, is following in her sister's footsteps. From Vallay's campaign website: