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Restrictionist groups immigration report gets it all wrong

Restore Fairness Guest Blogger: Michele Waslin from Immigration Impact blog

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Are you an authentic American?

From Restore Fairness blog

"Police officers giving drivers $204 tickets for not speaking English? It sounds like a rejected Monty Python sketch. Except the grim reality is that it has happened at least 39 times in Dallas since January 2007....All but one of the drivers were Hispanic."

ICED OUT: How Immigration Enforcement Has Interfered with Workers' Rights

The federal government’s immigration enforcement in recent years, including a heavy reliance on workplace raids and the involvement of state and local police in immigration enforcement, has resulted in a trampling of labor rights of workers.

Lou Dobbs "Drop the Hate" ad to air on MSNBC tonight!

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From the Restore Fairness blog.

CNN is feeling the heat because of its primetime anchor – Lou Dobbs. New York Times headlines. Front page of El Diario. Blogs abuzz with news.

Take action: Don't let divisive and racial politics wreck the census

From Restore Fairness blog

Republican Senators Vitter and Bennett are trying to wreck the US Census. Mr. Vitter is demanding that the census be forced to add a question about citizenship status to its 2010 questionnaire – a move that would cost millions of dollars in tax payers money and fundamentally compromise the nature of the census.

Warning: Talking Sanely about Immigration May Be Hazardous

Guest Blogger: Jackie Mahendra from America’s Voice blog

Immigrants afraid to call the police - Rep. Jared Polis, ACLU stand up to Arpaio style enforcement

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In a floor speech delivered today, U.S. Rep.

"Illegal alien" Halloween costume sets off firestorm

On Friday, news started emerging about a racist and offensive 'illegal alien' costume being sold for Halloween on Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Amazon and a host of other retailers.

Expanding immigration enforcement programs - more harm than good?

From Restore Fairness blog