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Items tagged: immigration

Growing insecurity in immigrant communities

From Restore Fairness blog

Guest Blogger: Joan Friedland from the National Immigration Law Center

Taking the first steps towards immigration reform that will stand up for American values

From the Restore Fairness blog

The "I" in Immigration stands for you- Take Action Now

See video

It always happens, after a sultry summer, fall invigorates us to start taking action.

Immigrants facing racial profiling by local police - Sheriff Arpaio says it all!

Do we want an immigration system that leads to racial profiling and fear politics?

From Restore Fairness blog

Obama Administration's Detention reforms will impact immigrant communities positively

Where will immigration detention be tomorrow?

We just received news that tomorrow (October 6th, 2009), there will be a media advisory featuring Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Assistant Secretary John Morton announcing new immigration detention reforms.

The life of an 88 year old Chinese American man tells us more about immigration than we can imagine

From the Restore Fairness blog:

Even as we skirt the issue of immigration, our museums and movies are seeing to it’s life and soul. A network of 13 U.S. museums has hit upon a unique idea - to craft a new vision of immigration in locations connected to history by understanding how previous generations have faced and tackled these issues before us.

Undocumented Immigrants Can’t Buy Health Insurance, Even If They Can Pay Full Cost

In response to republicans' liesinappropriate behavior (Joe Wilson R-SC called the President a liar) and anti-immigrant scare tactics to weaken support for health care reform, Obama has decided to cave in to Wilson an

Janet Napolitano launches new immigration website