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Immigration population dips

Here's an interesting article in USA Today, "Immigration population dipped last year, Census says." For the first time since the 1970 Census, the percentage of people who are foreign born fell to 12.5%. California still has the highest rate at 26.8%. I wonder how this will affect long-term population projections.

The share of the U.S. population composed of immigrants dropped slightly in 2008, reversing a 40-year trend that helped fuel the nation's explosive growth and diversity.

What about illegal do you understand?

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Fresh off the press is Colorlines superb video with Rinku Sen dissecting why our conversation around immigration is so often driven to extremes. Taking the term 'illegal' to task, Rinku shows us how we need to re-examine our stereotypes and the reasons we have grown immune to the hostilities directed at immigrants.

Joe Wilson Wins - Baucus Introduces Anti Immigrant Language in Health Plan

I'm not sure if this is the battle or the war, but Joe Wilson and his hateful anti immigrant forces seem to have won.  

Even though his outburst last Wednesday had dems across the country throwing money at his opponent, word since late Friday was that Baucus has written more restrictive language in the Senate Finance proposal to exclude immigrants.  

Why Asian Americans vote Democratic and the upcoming immigration debate

There's an interesting post at Dailykos by DesmoinesDem entitled, "Why Jews are Liberal and Norman Podheratz is wrong as usual." This made me wonder how his analysis would fit in the context of the Asian American community.

The Real Lie About Immigrants in Health Care Reform

Opponents of health care reform continue to use any desperate measure to derail reform efforts including making false claims about immigrants as well as acting like ill behaved children in a classroom.  The real lie about immigrants in health care reform is that the current health reform proposals still do not ensure legal immigrants will have equal access to Medicaid and other affordable health care options, and Congress has yet to do anything to fix this. &

Judy Chu to host townhall on immigration reform, Aug. 27

Boy, Congresswoman Judy Chu doesn't shy away from tackling the big topics. In addition to her upcoming townhall on healthcare reform on August 29th, Congresswoman Chu will also be hosting a townhall on immigration reform a few days earlier. Here is the announcement.

CHIRLA Presents: A Conversation with Newly

Eric Byler and Annabel Park's 9500 Liberty, an update

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Here's an update on former APAP Board Members Eric Byler and Annabel Park's upcoming documentary on the battle over immigration in Northern Virginia, 9500 Liberty.  Eric and Annabel have been leading on this issue for the past few years and it's great to see their film coming out at such an important time in the debate. Let them know if you're interested in booking their film.

Due Process: What it Means for Immigrants

Before I started law school, I had definitely heard the term "due process." I have to confess, though, I wasn't really sure what it meant. All I knew is that it sounded good, seemed to be a core American value, and was rooted in fairness. It was something that this country prided itself on as a hallmark principle that came down from our Founding Fathers.

AAPI leaders meet with Janet Napolitano to discuss immigration

AAPI community leaders were invited to join Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and a group of 100 stakeholders on immigration. Representatives came from the fields of business, labor, law enforcement, immigrant advocates and faith groups.

Deaths in Detention and Immigration Reform

This post was originally published on South Asian Americans Leading Together's blog, The SAALT Spot.