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Kollaboration-DC Fundraiser with Jeremy Lin in Wizards Game

Washington, DC--  “Empowerment Through Entertainment,” that’s the Kollaboration motto according to Champion of Change director Paul “PK” Kim. Come watch the Houston Rockets play against the Washington Wizards this Saturday February 23rd.

America and the Tragic Suicide of Private Danny Chen

by Terry Lee
Former counselor, CCSF

Question: What Do Jeremy Lin, Vincent Chin, and Danny Chen Have In Common?

Answer: All three were called anti-Asian names by racists who didn’t like the color of their skin.

Jeremy Lin forces national discussion on Asian-Americans

As Asian-Americans who grew up playing basketball, my sister and I have a keen interest in the Jeremy Lin phenomenon.  We identify with Lin in many ways, so we’ve found ourselves deeply-invested in his journey -- so much so, that we cheer for him as if he were a part of our family.

Last week, we went to the local pub to watch the Knicks take on the New Jersey Nets. We sat down next to an Asian family, who was also there to watch Jeremy Lin.

His Swag is Phenomenal

Even if you don’t follow sports, the phenomenon known as Linsanity has been unavoidable across both mainstream and social media. Linception, #Linning, Super Lintendo, it’s been everywhere. The man this all centers around is Jeremy Lin,a second-year, 6'3" point guard for the New York Knicks, who has just started his 6th NBA game and taken the league by. He's gone on a scoring rampage, breaking a record previously held by Shaquille O'Neal for most points scored in a players' first six starts.