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Scott Fujita supports marriage equality

Here's a great interview at Huffington Post between sportswriter David Zirin and NFL star linebacker Scott Fujita of the New Orleans Saints.

Asian American Democrats in Congress support repeal of DOMA

Progressive New York City Congressman Jerrold Nadler (NY-08) introduced the "Respect for Marriage Act," in the House today.

George Takei and Brad Altman to appear on Newlywed Game

Here's a great little item from Huffington Post: George Takei and Partner are First Gay Couple on 'Newlywed Game'.

NEW YORK — "The Newlywed Game" is bringing on its first gay couple.

Guam Considers Domestic Partnerships

Recently, the Legislature in Guam took steps to recognize to recognize gay and lesbian relationships. In June, the Guam Youth Congress, an advisory board to the territory's legislature, introduced Bill 138 which would grant gays and lesbian couples all the rights and obligations of heterosexual married spouses. Of course, the usual suspects have come out against equality.

Crossroads: The Intersection of API & LGBT Civil Rights

Please join LA City Clerk June Lagmay, historians Eric Wat & Alice Y. Hom, immigration attorney Ally Bolour, Karin Wang from APALC and Reverend Dr. Jonipher Kwong as we explore various issues that affect our API and LGBT communities -- from our collective struggle for civil rights to marriage equality to the complex issues surrounding political asylum, immigration reform and the interplay between religious beliefs and same sex marriage. We look forward to seeing you!

When: Saturday, August 22 | 12pm-5pm (lunch at 11:30am)

MD Delegate Saqib Ali Supports Gay Marriage

Saqib Ali, Maryland's first Muslim State Legislator, has come out for marriage equality. From an editorial that he wrote today: 

Watch Dan Choi Talk About Gays In the Military Live on the APAP Website Sunday

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APA for Progress will have an exclusive web interview of Lieutenant Daniel Choi this Sunday evening at 7 PM EST (4 PM PST) via Ustream. Make sure you log on Sunday for an interview with an Asian American hero who is now fighting for his own career and rights after being denied his rights to fight for our country.

"Tila Tequila Is a Smart, Coherent, NY Times-Reading, Possible Party-Switching Beheaded Martyr" (Original post at Disgrasian)

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My roommate and a bunch of my homies are in Fresno, CA this weekend to protest the CA Supreme Court Decision on Prop 8, including our fellow bloger Teresa and her lovely wife Melissa.  They're at "Meet in the Middle 4 Equality"

Why I’d Like to Return My California Marriage License

Though my wife can be a terror at times, I still like keeping her around as my spouse. This is also despite the fact that Andy Pugno of “Yes on 8” fully expects us to divorce: “if California goes as Massachusetts did after legalizing gay marriage, a substantial portion of the still-recognized gay marriages will be dissolved by divorce within a few years."

Prop 8 is Upheld and 18k Marriages Stand

Speaking as a legally gay married person, the fact that my marriage still stands doesn't mean sh*t to me unless everyone else can be married too. The principle of inequality has been upheld in the state and this cannot continue.

We have a war to win now, the first step is today, get to the streets and PROTEST!: www.dayofdecision.org