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Memphis Charms

According to Sarah Baker of The Daily News, Memphis music and culture captured the spotlight internationally last year, and its fame is growing (“International Exposure”). Through a fortuitous travel layover, last fall found me overnighting in Memphis, Tennessee and lingering a day or so. What I found there felt like a tourist mecca, deservingly.

Radio Shack: Diversity in the New World Order

        The Tea Party supporters and likes of Ann Coulter have the facts right: immigrants have been flooding sanctuary cities ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall. However even before then, a separatist frame of mind has proven inefficient, particularly from the business standpoint. What takes some of us a while to get used to is the new diversity which abounds in our everyday lives.

What is the Role of Multiculturalism in America?

“At the beginning of the 1960s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country," said Ms. Merkel at the event in Potsdam, near Berlin. "We kidded ourselves a while. We said: 'They won't stay, [after some time] they will be gone,' but this isn't reality. And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side by side and to enjoy each other ... has failed, utterly failed."

-       Andrea Merkel, reported by the Christian Science Monitor on October 17 2010

Norway killings reveal politics of hate


From the Restore Fairness blog-

From the Restore Fairness blog-


John Delloro's Tribute to the Contributions of 4 Asian American Scholar Activists to Multiculturalism

"Remembering Multiculturalism" by John Delloro, reposted from BeyondChron: San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily News.

  Starting top left (clock-wise): Al Robles, Richard Aoki, Him mark Lai, and Ron Takaki.