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Time to counter hate and intolerance

From Restore Fairness blog

Even as hate filled rhetoric continues to pump the airwaves, there are a number of initiatives calling to counter the intolerance.

Human rights in the United States? Where do we stand?

From Restore Fairness blog

The United States has submitted its first ever report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, a wide ranging report on human rights all 192 members of the United Nations are required to produce. Calling it "a roadmap for our ongoing work within our democratic system to achieve lasting change", the report stressed the importance of the U.S. political system in safeguarding rights.

Start a conversation that says no to racial profiling

Gary Locke addresses Muslim and Arab American leaders

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke recently addressed a group of Muslim and Arab American Business leaders in Dearborn, MI. Here is a transcript of his remarks.

Thank you, Mayor O'Reilly, for your kind introduction.

It is my privilege to address the Muslim and Arab business communities here in Dearborn.