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MTA to Cut Service to Flushing during Lunar New Year

New York's subways are one of the world's oldest, which makes renovation, replacement and other maintenance necessary, typically on weekends and late nights.  The 7 train, which runs from Times Square to Flushing, Queens is "quirky" on most days, yet it serves as the lifeline of several Queens neighborhoods.

Replacement of signals and other equipment along the line led the MTA to shut down weekend service on the Queens-Manhattan link (Queensboro Plaza to Times Square) for three months, starting last Friday and ending on the weekend of March 22-25.

The NYPD's Troubled Relationship with Chinatown

Last week, undercover cops arrested a worker at a Chinatown funeral supply store for attempting to sell them counterfeit merchandise.  The problem is that the merchandise was meant to be fake in the first place.  In addition, there goods were made of cardboard.

Chinese American Population in Harlem NYC Surges

The left map shows the results from the 2000 Census, the right map expresses data from 2010.  Notice the dark orange area (African Americans) becoming lighter as White and Asian residents move in.  Also take note of the growing pink area (Asian Americans) in New Jersey.

Should Asian-American Businesses Be Forced To Have English Dominant Signs?

For the average, non-Chinese outsider walking through downtown Flushing, Queens, the sights, smells and sounds are intimidating.  Few people view this neighborhood with a sense of adventure or an opportunity to learn and experience new cultures.  Instead, they see a crush of foreigners, a monolithic, unwelcoming presence that is overtly hostile to outsiders.  People with this mindset, that Flushing’s transformation into a majority Chinese and Korean ethnic neighborhood has turned it into a “foreign” land, are unwilling to accept newcomers to Flushing in any form.  A popu

Rally for your rights tomorrow!

From the Restore Fairness blog-

In May 2010, New York State signed onto the “Secure Communities” program in which local police send fingerprints of all arrestees to federal immigration databases, with immigrants who are found “deportable” being directly pushed into the deeply flawed detention and deportation system.

Bloomberg leads U.S. corporations and cities to lobby for immigration reform

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From the Restore Fairness blog.

It seems fitting that New York City, the crux of the U.S.’s rich immigrant history is leading a new direction in the movement for immigration reform.

History comes alive with Immigrant Heritage Week

From the Restore Fairness blog.

What is your favorite thing about New York City? Food? Culture? The people? Its unique neighborhoods? New York may have a lot to offer but what really makes it stand out is its identity as a melting pot of cultures from around the world.