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Why the Huge Military Deficit? [Update]

'Black Budget' page by Barton Gellman, Greg Miller, and Julie Tate of the Washington Post (Aug 29, 2013).

This is an updated re-run of my previous published article here because the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 (H.R. 1960) is currently being rushed through Congress. 

President Barack Obama meets with His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama in the Map Room of the White House

Cross-Posted Article Written by Geeta Goindi  "Dalai Lama Celebrates 76th Birthday in Washington"

WASHINGTON, July 6 – It was an event extraordinaire: the 76th birthday celebration of the Dalai Lama, one of the most revered spiritual leaders in the world, here in our nation’s capital.  The program, which opened the 10-day Kalachakra for World Peace ritual which is being guided by him, was held at the cavernous Verizon Center and drew thousands of his avid supporters.

Norway killings reveal politics of hate


From the Restore Fairness blog-

From the Restore Fairness blog-


Ground zero and the mosque — does the court of law have it right?

From Restore Fairness blog.

Welcoming a new mosque near the site of 9/11 attacks is seen by those opposed to it as a symbol of terrorist victory and a weak U.S. On the other hand, supporters see the openness and tolerance of this act as a powerful bridge to interfaith interaction and peace. But, plain and simply, to the court of law religious tolerance isn’t up for debate.