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Bloomberg leads U.S. corporations and cities to lobby for immigration reform

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From the Restore Fairness blog.

It seems fitting that New York City, the crux of the U.S.’s rich immigrant history is leading a new direction in the movement for immigration reform.

Sponsor of SB1070 doesn't understand it. The Daily Show does (and doesn't like it).

From Restore Fairness blog

Three simple images. Dora, Eric from Chips, and a serial killer. Now guess - who looks "reasonably suspicious" of not having papers and therefore should be stopped and questioned by the Arizona police as per it's new law, SB1070.

SNL takes on SB1070. Urgency for reform more than ever.

From the Restore Fairness blog.

When Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update (at 27 minutes) made fun of Arizona’s new law, it sounds closer to the truth than ever.

Phoenix, AZ AAPI House Party 5/31/2009

Excerpt from the Phoenix House Party. Thanks to Rano Singh for hosting!

Top 3 issues facing our community

1. Healthcare: access to medical professionals.

2. Financial sector: lack of regulations