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Labor Day Tweets

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend. I thought I would share a couple of tweets from some of our elected officials and candidates in 2012, reminding us the importance of working men and women and how the Obama Administration needs to do a better job of helping the American public. (Surprisingly, not as many politicians tweeting about this as I would've thought.)

Ted Lieu runs for CA State Senate

Former California State Assemblymember Ted Lieu recently announced his candidacy for the CA Senate seat left open by the passing of Senator Jenny Oropeza. The date for the special election has now been announced. It's February 15th, 2011. While that doesn't give him much time, Lieu is in a strong position to win this seat.

Shake up in CA Attorney General's race?

There's a rumor floating around that could have major ramifications for quite a few progressive AAPI candidates. According to the SFGate, Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier could be setting her sights on a run for the State's Attorney General.

Kamala Harris picks up key endorsement

As the various candidates for California Attorney General continue do all the behind scenes work of building their campaigns, here's a fairly high-profile endorsement that San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has just picked up. From the San Francisco Examiner

Warren Furutani elected Chair of API Legislative Caucus

Starting Sept. 11, California Assemblymember Warren Furutani takes over as the new Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Legislative Caucus in Sacremento. Founded just nine years ago, it's the second largest ethnic Caucus in the California legislature. From an email Warren just sent us:

Comments on Ted Kennedy's Passing

As we all know, a very sad day for America. The Kennedy family issued the following statement early Wednesday on the passing of the liberal lion, Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

Kamala Harris at White House to discuss gang violence

Some people have called Kamala Harris the "female Barack Obama." Now the San Francisco District Attorney and candidate for CA State Attorney General will have another chance to meet her male counterpart today. Kamala has been invited to the White House to discuss the success of her youth and gang violence prevention programs.

Three Asian Americans Vying to be CA Attorney General


   kamala harris 

Ted Lieu Speaks Out on Marriage Equality

lieu-headshot Here's a quick videoclip from CA Assemblymember Ted Lieu speaking out on H.R. 5 which would repeal the discriminatory Prop 8. From the accompanying email from Assemblymember Lieu:

I have received a lot of positive responses from remarks I made earlier this week on the issue of marriage equality, so I thought I would share the video with all of you. The attached two minute video may make some of you feel uncomfortable if you do not support marriage equality. However, I believe it is important to set forth the reasons why I strongly opposed Proposition 8 and continue to support marriage equality.

See the clip after the jump:

UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009!... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (Part 1 of 6)

APAP's blog would like to welcome Spam Fried Rice to our blog team where she will be covering education issues. She starts off with a six-part series called, “UC Admissions Scandal of 2009! … Yo, let’s not freak out… just yet.” The series will appear over the next five days, starting today with Part I. APAP Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this entry are Spam Fried Rice's and do not necessarily reflect those of APAP. ***** I recently received this alarming email from the chair of the API Legislative Caucus…
Dear friends of the API community: Attached is the letter that all 11 members of the bipartisan, bicameral Joint Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus signed urging the University of California Board of Regents to postpone a vote that drastically changed UC admissions policies.  These changes negatively affect API applicants and will likely result in lower percentages of API students being admitted to UC campuses.  The Board of Regents unfortunately went ahead with the vote despite little public input and virtually no outreach to the API community.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We intend to hold hearings and bring some sunshine to this unfortunate decision.  We will continue to fight this decision. Signed by the Chair of the API Legislative Caucus.