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UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009!... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (Part 5 of 6)

The Joint API Legislative Caucus has concerns that the proposed UC eligibility and admissions policy, which has wide ranging ramifications and unknown consequences, has not received the proper public vetting it deserves. The current proposal has only been available for public review for a few months before being presented to the UC Regents for a decision. Outreach regarding the eligibility proposal to the Joint API Legislative Caucus, API civil rights organizations, or API higher education associations has been non-existent. - Letter from Joint API Legislative Caucus to UC Regents, 02.03.09
Hello again, fair readers! Sorry that this post is going up a little later than the last ones have. After the long weekend, I had to go back to school/work.  Today, we're gonna review the last point in the Caucus' letter. I hate to be a stickler and be kinda repetitive, but in the first sentence of the paragraph, I need to correct that the new policy is not regarding admissions. It defines who is Entitled to Review in the UC admissions process. So it's an admissions eligibility policy. But I digress back to earlier posts. And really, what the Caucus is saying hits on a broader issue of how the UC conducts its business (public shared governance? PFFFFT! Whatever!) and how AAPI's engage with the UC... and really how AAPI's aren't very organized in articulating AAPI interests in education policy making overall. Yup! We're gonna critique the UC governance structure, but then take a self-reflexive turn. After all, self-reflexivity and dialogue are the keys to community progress! Corny? Yet so true... so Freirean!

UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009! ... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (Part 4 of 6)

The Joint API Legislative Caucus would like to see more detailed projections on what specific API groups would decrease under the new proposal. The Caucus would like to reiterate the importance of disaggregating data on API students at the University of California. It is important to recognize the discrepancies among API ethnic subgroups in their educational attainment and to address the challenges that especially low-income or first-generation API Students face in higher education. - From CA API Legislative Caucus to UC Regents, 02.03.09

Hello... Day 4! More than halfway done. Now that we've reviewed the current policy and the new policy on how students can become entitled to review (ETR) in the UC admissions process, and we've discussed the UC analysts' numbers predicting admit numbers (and how these are mostly irrelevant), we turn to the issue of ethnic disaggregation. Finally, something that I think the Caucus' letter hit on the head... almost.

UC Admissions "Scandal" of 2009!... Yo, let's not freak out... just yet (Part 1 of 6)

APAP's blog would like to welcome Spam Fried Rice to our blog team where she will be covering education issues. She starts off with a six-part series called, “UC Admissions Scandal of 2009! … Yo, let’s not freak out… just yet.” The series will appear over the next five days, starting today with Part I. APAP Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this entry are Spam Fried Rice's and do not necessarily reflect those of APAP. ***** I recently received this alarming email from the chair of the API Legislative Caucus…
Dear friends of the API community: Attached is the letter that all 11 members of the bipartisan, bicameral Joint Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus signed urging the University of California Board of Regents to postpone a vote that drastically changed UC admissions policies.  These changes negatively affect API applicants and will likely result in lower percentages of API students being admitted to UC campuses.  The Board of Regents unfortunately went ahead with the vote despite little public input and virtually no outreach to the API community.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We intend to hold hearings and bring some sunshine to this unfortunate decision.  We will continue to fight this decision. Signed by the Chair of the API Legislative Caucus.