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My VC Lesson Plan - 1

The end of the month, and I feel I have only scratched the surface with regard to developing this unit plan! I wish I can just read forever before I have to write (and submit an essay to Francis Kai-Hwa Wang)! There aren't many lesson plans out there with regard to Vincent Chin and the Asian Pacific American movement he inspired, so here's what I have come up with.

Vincent Who? Screenings

This is just a quick update from the APA for Progress Marketing Intern, Susan Y. Lee. Vincent Who? screenings will continue this spring throughout the country (mostly on college campuses), so be on the look out!

APAP Philadelphia Dem Sum Wrap Up

APAP DEM SUM Wrap Up   Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first official APAP Dem Sum in Philadelphia. It was a lot of fun, with about thirty attendees who shared a little bit about themselves and their progressive vision. Twenty of our guests signed up for memberships-yay!

Meet the Director and Cast of Vincent Who?


Great news! "Vincent Who?" is coming to a town near you!

Great news! "Vincent Who?" is coming to a town near you!

Thanks for all your support. We’ve had a busy summer so far, wrapping production, working on post and doing some last-minute fundraising for the film. (More details on how you can help below.) In the meantime, we’re starting to hear back from some film festivals in the fall.

Vincent Who?

Big news! Asian Pacific Americans for Progress is proud to announce our first film project: "Vincent Who?" It all started in spring of 2007. As the 25th anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin was fast approaching, we began asking around to see if anything was being done in the community.