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Kendee Yamaguchi to lead commission on Asian Pacific Americans

Here's some cool news out of Washington state. Long-time community leader Kendee Yamaguchi has been named the executive director of the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs. Here is the official press release:

Lt. Dan Choi Speaks at National EQuality March in DC

See video

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Check out Lt. Dan Choi's amazing speech... Yes indeed, LOVE IS WORTH IT!

Other Asian Americans who spoke and inspired today included Kim Coco Iwamoto and Mario Nguyen. Mario came in 2nd place in the National Equality Idol contest.

(Thanks Traci for the tip!)

Job Blog

Beginning with this post, I will begin posting information about jobs with progressive Democratic Members of Congress or with organizations with a progressive bent.  Most, but not all, of these jobs are located in Washington.  Sometimes these are field jobs, particularly campaign-related field positions.  I hope you'll find these of interest.  Usually I'll begin with Hill jobs and then proceed to the other open positions.

Pol-File #4: Kristina Logsdon

Greetings APAP readers! Hopefully by now most of you are familiar with our newest feature, Pol-Files. For those of you who are new to our site, they are quick questionnaires from some of our favorite AAPIs making a difference through their progressive endeavors. We hope to not only inspire our readers by showing them different paths towards political involvement, but also to give thanks to these amazing individuals initiating change within their communities. Our past Pol-Files have been on Jennifer Javier , Laura Shin and Vin Gopal. Any questions can be directed to apapeditor@apaforprogress.com. kristina-logsdon What is your name? Kristina Logsdon What is your current position? As WA State Racial Justice Campaign and Training Coordinator with Progressive Majority, I recruit and train progressive candidates of color for local and state office. What are some interesting jobs you have had in the past? I’ve held some random jobs, many of which contribute to my work today. Selling books door to door seventy hours a week for Southwestern one summer definitely prepared me for doorbelling and long hours on the campaign trail. A summer internship at the Library of Congress cataloguing the LOOK magazine collection gave me a taste of Washington DC. Screenprinting greeting cards by hand – well that made me realize I needed to find fulfilling work. What is your educational background? I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and a certification to teach art to K-12 students. What skills do you think are necessary for your job? Understanding how to build trust and reach out to communities of color is a must. As far as I know, I’m the only person who specifically recruits and trains progressive people of color to run for office so being independent and a self starter is necessary. Perseverance, a passion for social justice, and authenticity all certainly come in handy as well.

Governor Gary Locke to Commerce?

gary_locke Wow! Breaking news out of Washington... DC, that is. We may have a third Asian American Cabinet Secretary in the Obama Administration as Former Washington Governor Gary Locke's name is being floated as Commerce Secretary. According to various sources, including this bit from Politico:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.) tells POLITICO that she heard former Gov. Gary Locke (D-Wash.) floated as a nominee for Commerce Secretary in a one-on-one conversation she had at the NGA meeting with another governor

Locke would be the third nomination for this position after the withdrawals of Bill Richardson and Judd Gregg.