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APAP 2011 Unsung Hero: Christine Soyong Harley

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. We thought it may be fitting to unveil our fierce unsung hero Christine Soyong Harley aka Chris. Especially in the face of proposed legislation in the past two years jeopardizing civil rights, Chris has worked as a tireless advocate for APA women and girls on issues concerning immigration, reproductive health, education, and economic justice (basically everything that has been under attack).

Georgia “Show Me Your Papers” Legislation Will Endanger Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

From the Restore Fairness blog-

Guest blogger: Azadeh N. Shahshahani, National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project Director, ACLU Foundation of Georgia

The 4 million women you can thank for your last meal

From the Restore Fairness blog-

They’re the backbone of our food supply. Their hands sliced the chicken breast we had for lunch. Their sweat brought the fresh tomato to our plates. Their backs bent to pick the lettuce in our salads. They are America’s undocumented workers.

Women's History Month

In addition to rainy weather and college basketball, March is notable for being Women's History Month.  In an ideal world, the contributions and accomplishments of women and girls would be recognized day after day, month after month.  Unfortunately, as most of us know, that is not the case.  Pay inequity, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and work/life balance are among the many barriers that women must overcome on a daily basis. Women of color often face the double burden of sex and race discrimination.  But through it all, wom

Stop Inouye from Killing Anti-Rape Amendment

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein has reported that Senator Dan Inouye might remove or significantly weaken Senator Al Franken's anti-rape amendment, which passed earlier this month by a bipartisan 68-30 vote in the Senate. Take action by calling or emailing his office at the number or address included in this post.