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Ted Lieu runs for CA State Senate

Former California State Assemblymember Ted Lieu recently announced his candidacy for the CA Senate seat left open by the passing of Senator Jenny Oropeza. The date for the special election has now been announced. It's February 15th, 2011. While that doesn't give him much time, Lieu is in a strong position to win this seat. If you'd like to support him, here's a letter he just sent out.

On October 20th California lost one of its champions in Sacramento.  My State Senator, Jenny Oropeza passed away unexpectedly.

After much thoughtful consideration, and after consulting my wife Betty, I decided to run for this open State Senate seat.

Today we learned that the Governor has set the Election Day for February 15th.  That's only 60 days away. 

I wouldn't be able to do this without all of your generous support over the years.  Thank you for all your help.  But we must make a strong showing for the critical December 31st deadline.

Can you contribute today to help us have a strong showing?

I am heartened by how the campaign has come together in a few short weeks.  Our campaign has been honored to receive the endorsements of local elected leaders, including Los Angeles City Councilmembers Janice Hahn and Bill Rosendahl, Assemblymembers Warren Furutani and Bonnie Lowenthal and statewide organizations like the California Professional Firefighters.

Every little bit helps - please contribute $5, $25, $50, $100 or $200 today.

Thank you once again for all your support.




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