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Unveiling APAP's Unsung Heroes of 2011

Whether you’re hipster retro or retro chic, it’s that time to take a look back as we publish the results of APAP’s Top Unsung Heroes 2011. This year was especially hard as you had thrown in many qualified candidates for the title of 2011 Unsung Hero. Our selection committee had the difficult task of reading through all the nominations, for this I would like to thank them for their time and effort.

We decided to feature 11 Unsung Heroes of 2011 and 4 Honorable Mentions. Unsung Heroes were selected for championing the hard progressive values in 2011, before it was cool, in what I consider to be a somewhat hostile political climate (read: attacks on women’s health, immigration, voting rights, etc). This year is different than our Unsung Heroes post in the pasts. We will be releasing our 4 Honorable Mentions & 11 Unsung Heroes from today until the 15th. Not only do we want to sing praises to otherwise “unsung” advocates and their causes, but we are also building a fundraising competition to further support this work in 2012.

Starting March 16th we will be having our own March Madness fundraiser. Each blog post of our Unsung Heroes & Honorable Mentions will feature a personalized fundraising page for donations**. Donations made on the page will be split 80/20. 80% to the organization of the hero’s choice and 20% to APAP to continue to grow the network of progressive AAPIs and allies. The fundraising page that collects the highest total donations by April 1st will receive an additional prize from APAP.

Any questions or comments can be directed to olivia@apaforprogress.org.


**APAs for Progress is a 501c4, donations are not tax-deductible but will be going to the good cause of galvanizing the AAPI progressive roots for 2012. 

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