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Vallay Varro advances in St. Paul School Board race

In addition to the big races in New York City today, primaries were also held in Minnesota for St. Paul Mayor and several of the seats on the school board. The results are in and progressive Asian American candidate Vallay Varro has advanced to the run-off in November.

The race for the two-year seat is to fill a vacancy left by school board member Tom Conlon, who resigned in the middle of his term earlier this year. The top two vote-getters advance. Varro had about 45 percent and Igo about 27 percent. Lucky "Tiger Jack" Rosenbloom (about 16 percent) and Quyen Nguyen (about 12 percent) were eliminated.

As we've noted before, Minnesota seems to be a hotbed for Asian American elected officials, including State Senators Mee Moua (Vallay's sister) and Satveer Chaudary and State Representative Cy Thao.

On a related note, John Choi, candidate for Ramsay County Attorney, also announced strong cash on hand figures today.

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