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Will Asian-Americans Stand up for Reproductive Rights? The Silver Ribbon Campaign

I have always felt in my gut that Asian-Americans support reproductive rights and this great article on Asian-Americans and abortion at New American Media has some statistics showing my instincts are probably true.

The National Asian Women’s Health Organization found that nearly 70% of Asian-American women back the decision to abort; 90% support it in cases of rape or incest.

In 2000, ~ 35% of Asian-American pregnancies ended in abortion, the second highest rate for all racial and ethnic groups..., and almost double the 18% rate for whites.

However, at fundraisers for Planned Parenthood, EMILY’s list (a Political Action Committee to elect pro-choice democratic women), and NARAL Pro-Choice America (National Abortion and Reproductive rights Action League), I can literally count the number of Asian-Americans that I see there on one hand (often on 2 fingers). In fact, I made a great friend by approaching her because she was the only other Asian-American in the room.

But you don’t have to give money to support reproductive rights (though that would be good to put your money where your values are), just make sure you vote against laws and against members of government that want to take those rights away. For example, currently ~85% of private insurance covers abortion. However, the Republicans’ HR3 “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” sponsored by Representative Smith from New Jersey could lead to the end of private insurance coverage for abortion (through losing tax-deductibility for any plan that includes abortion or through onerous regulations to pay for plans that cover abortion). Since 1976 the Hyde Amendment has prohibited federal funds be used for abortion. Also, the anti-women, conservatives tried to redefine rape such that if you were drugged or intoxicated, it did not count as rape!

So, I ask you, can I (and all the women, mothers, wives, daughters, nieces, granddaughters, etc. out there) count on you to stand up for reproductive rights?

Supporting reproductive rights means that you Trust Women to make their own reproductive health decisions, rather than having the government or one religious view decide.

With some help, I started the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women a.k.a Trust Women Month  to bring together all the people that Trust Women with private health choices and to show our numbers.

Please join the Silver Ribbon campaign to Trust Women for Reproductive Rights and Justice.  

1. Wear a Silver Ribbon, symbolizing you support Reproductive Rights and Justice and you Trust Women.

Please wear a Silver Ribbon to show your solidarity and that you TRUST WOMEN.  

2. Spread the Word NOW:

    - Follow us on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/hmKaES

    - Follow us on Twitter: @oursilverribbon

    - Get your Twibbon: http://twb.ly/hp1HEG 

Tweet and Facebook about the campaign the following lines: 

Trust Women! Show your support for reproductive health care and women's rights by @Twibbon http://twb.ly/hp1HEG  via @oursilverribbon    


3. Take action for reproductive rights.  Check our website for action items from our partner organizations.


The silver ribbon represents science over ideology.


We who proudly wear it:

- support reproductive rights

- support free access to birth control

- support keeping abortion legal and accessible


Thank you!


Partner Organizations:  (still signing on more as we speak, so check our website for full list)


AMSA (American Medical Students Association)

Catholics for Choice

CPHA-N  (CA Public Health Association- North)

Center for Law and Public Policy (CLPP)

Center for Reproductive Rights

EMILY's List


EQUAL Health Network

Feminist Majority Foundation (with 500+ campus groups)




Joint Action Committee

Latina Sexual & Reproductive Justice Coalition

LSRJ  (Law Students for Reproductive Justice)

Medical Students for Choice

NARAL Pro-Choice New York

NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum)

National Institute for Reproductive Health

NOW (National Organization for Women)

NWHN (National Women's Health Network)

OWL-SF (Older Women's League)

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Pathfinder International

People For the American Way

PRCH (Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health)

PPAC Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California

            PPMM - PP Mar Monte

            PPSP - PP Shasta Pacific

RCRC (Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice)

RHTP (Reproductive Health Technologies Project)

RH Realitycheck

SisterSong - Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective

Trust Women Foundation

Women Donors Network

Women's Media Center

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